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Half Dollar Hosting | One Dollar Hosting | $1 Unlimited Hosting - Hostbazzar.com!

Discussion in 'Domain & Hosting' started by markcooper, Sep 19, 2019.

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    Dec 9, 2017
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    Hostbazzar.com offers premium Cloud Linux hosting, Plain Hosting, SSD Hosting and HDD hosting. Cloud Linux is the newest OS that is designed specifically for shared hosting servers. One of its best feature is it isolates and protects all clients on the server from other clients that may abuse resources, the biggest benefit is your web site stays super fast. Also Cloud Linux Hosting is optimized for the modern performance that customers expect out of a single shared hosting account. Also Cloud Hosting offers benefits of allocating more memory or CPU power to any account similar to the Coud.

    Our hosting accounts come feature packed with a custom cPanel and daily Backups and tons of free software from a single auto installer. We also offer application hosting and SSL certificates and much more. Plus our shared hosting accounts offer more resources than most hosting companies offer. Sign up today and take advantage of our recurring discount offer with annual billing cycle

    For more info please visit us at www.hostbazzar.com

    What's Included :

    ~ Easy Billing Cycles
    ~ Unlimited Sub Domains
    ~ Dream weaver compatible
    ~ Unlimited MySQL Databases
    ~ Unlimited Mail Boxes
    ~ ionCube PHP Loader
    ~ Unlimited Parked Domains
    ~ Unlimited FTP Accounts
    ~ Server Side Includes
    ~ No Hidden Costs
    ~ HTML Editor
    ~ Secure IMAP & POP3
    ~ Override .htaccess Support
    ~ Unlimited Auto responders
    ~ Unlimited Forwarders
    ~ Squirrelmail Webmail
    ~ Horde Webmail
    ~ Free Migration Service
    ~ Spamhaus & SpamCop Checks
    ~ Catch-All Email Addresses
    ~ Ports 26 and 587 Outgoing
    ~ ImageMagick, NetPBM, GD
    ~ Curl, DomXML, mod_rewrite
    ~ Zend Optimizer
    ~ DDoS Attack Response
    ~ Brute Force Detection
    ~ Nightly Security Updates

    We appreciate the opportunity and look forward for quick orders.

    http://www.hostbazzar.com >> Order Now.

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