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Internet Marketing & SEO Forum - Review Please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Helio Tavares, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Helio Tavares New Member

    I am looking for an honest review of Magic Dolla cause I am interested in joining the this program if I feel This is a real money maker in the long run. Plus I want to join under someone that can provide support and marketing guidance.

    If you care to take a look at the program I am currently promoting I would very much appreciate it.
  2. Website Magick Administrator

    It looks like another ponzi scheme. If you click on the product you'll see there is no product. Just like the "Just been paid" and JSS Tripler the product is down line. You make money by getting others to sign on via your pre made site.
    Again these programs get shut down very quickly as they are illegal in most countries and the suckers who fall for "Easy quick money" usually lose their money while making the scam artist who start these things wealthy.
    If you want to start a business online do it right! Read the article on starting a business online at and do the work required to run an honest business.
  3. Helio Tavares New Member

    Thank you your honest review.
    Is there a business out there you would recommend?
    I took a look at iwebnews but they not recommending a product.
  4. Website Magick Administrator

    You're welcome,

    A product can be anything you have knowledge of. Accurate information can be a great product on the internet. Look at Angie's list! This woman made a business out of getting people to submit reviews on businesses. There are people who have made good money by building websites giving information on things they know about such as cooking, gardening or computers. If you can write fresh content on a regular basis to keep people coming back you can make a lot of money by running ads on the site.

    It's not easy but there is no easy money out there. There are a lot of scams telling you there is quick money and I'm spending a lot of time warning people not to waste their time with such things. The trouble is with these internet scams is that once you are scammed you are encouraged to scam others to make your money. So people are doing the scammers work for them by spamming the forums and lying to people saying "I've made big money" when they haven't (and probably won't) make anything.

    What ever you do take the time to do things right.
  5. Helio Tavares New Member

    Thanks Mate,
    What can I say, you just made me aware of the potential scams out there, Thanks for the great advice.
    I will look up to you. Send me you site or blog.
  6. Website Magick Administrator

    Our site is in our signature my friend,
    Website Magick
    You can set up a website with very little investment. Think of a good domain name ($15) and we have a 30% discount this month on basic hosting with you can get a free website builder and 1 click Wordpress or Joomla installation so you can build a website yourself. Or you can pay us to do it for you if you don't have the time or skills.
    So you can get started for under $25.

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