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Internet Marketing & SEO Forum - Share your bounce rate and tips on how to optimize it

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by MikeMano, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. MikeMano Member

    What's your bounce rate for your website(s)? At the moment, I have three websites, and they have 23-37%.

    Also, what's your best tips/suggestions to help optimize it?

    Looking forward to our responses.
  2. DavisJoseph New Member

  3. madmax2000 Member

    mine is 30 to 40
  4. Mary Member

    min is 20 to 30
  5. prop tiger Member

    yes min 20 to 40 %
  6. Jason Martin Member

    Here are a few quickie reminders on how to improve your bounce rate.
    - Every story should have a link back to your own blog. Remember to include a link every 120 words. Â These links should be a combination of external and internal URLs.
    - State your blog’s purpose/intention on the top header. If your first-time visitors cannot understand what your blog is offering in under two seconds, odds are that they’ll be one-page viewers.
    - Have a tag cloud available site wide. You want your audience to be able to find the information they are looking for from any page they are on.
    - Include related links at the bottom of every post. Many blog platforms have add-ons that will perform this task automatically.  Even if you have to add the links manually, it’s a worthy endeavor.
    - Encourage readers to take action. Possibilities include offering a survey, challenging them to answer a question or offer a swanky prize.
    Learn from my mistake; don’t allow a positive event have a negative influence on your overall blog picture.
  7. Mabel Turner Member

    min 20 to 30.
  8. mariajhonson Member

    Mine is 20 to 30%.

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